Must-Have Discussions For Couples Planning a Love Marriage

Every couple must discuss about these discussions because planning is the key for destiny.

All these discussions bring your focus towards the reality of life and help you to understand each other in better way.

These kinds of discussions help to developed the better understanding between you and your partner.

So, let’s understand all these discussions.

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Discussions For Couples Planning A Love Marriage

There are many couples whose parents do not support their love marriage and those couples do not know about marital life.

These discussions help you find the best way to deal with problems and plan for your future.

So let’s understand all these discussions.

1. The Awkward Discussion

Couple discussing about the love marriage and sharing their awkward habits with each other.

If I cannot share my awkward habits and stories with my partner then I will face tough times soon after marriage.

If you talk about love and physical relationships every day, you probably won’t be able to live a happy life together.

Showing your true self and accepting your partner’s true form is the only way to live a happy life forever.

You should share all your awkward habits and stories with each other and you will feel a stronger bond.

Everyone has a good and bad side, talking about awkward habits means that you are discovering and getting to know the bad side of everyone.

Once you become comfortable with each other’s weird habits, you are one step closer to a happy life together forever.

2. Crystal Clear View of Daily Life

Love marriage couple living in the real view and discussing about the daily life household chores planning.

It is really important to plan daily life before marrying each other to avoid excessive expectations after marriage.

In the real world, you cannot run away from your daily tasks because you have to take full responsibility for yourself and your partner.

It does not matter how angry you are with your partner but it is important to complete all the tasks of daily life at any cost.

Always discuss the general tasks of life in detail and prepare yourself and your partner to take up all these responsibilities.

These types of discussions can help you know the real scenarios after marriage.

3. Reality Vs. Filmy World

Couple imaging their life after love marriage and seeing differences what is shown in movies and what is the real life.

In the film world, you will never see years of hard work, you will see years of hard work in just 2-3 hours.

This kind of filmy story seriously influences real-life post-wedding scenarios.

Because you have to be with your loved one always and it is important to forget this movie world and just imagine the reality.

Understand the difficulties you face and discuss their possible solutions with each other.

Don’t think like the movie world, the movie world will increase your expectations too much, but when in the real world you don’t get the same things, then it really causes serious harm to your relationship.

To make your relationship stronger, be realistic and understand the real world.

4. Financial Planning is Must

Couple planning their future financially and discussing about it.

The reality is that in the real world, you can’t spend your life talking only about love and physical relationships all the time.

Money plays the most important role in your life, and you should have a clear discussion about it with each other.

You must have a clear vision for your future growth, savings, investments, and expenses.

Many of us are planning to marry each other, but our families are not supportive of us.

So, both of you have to take care of everything, and nowadays everything requires money.

It is important to have open discussions on topics like what will be the monthly budget, saving for unplanned expenses, saving for your future, investment plans, saving for your children, etc.

Once both of you understand and accept your financial situation, then you will understand the true meaning of the importance of money in life.

All your fixed expenses will be at your fingertips, and you will always focused on growth in your life.

If you have money you can eat better in peace, you can buy your own house, you can buy all the things you need for your life, and you can buy all the amenities you need.

There are many cases where a lack of financial understanding leads to negative growth, divorce, or worse situations in life.

Never underestimate the power of money and it is important to understand all perspectives when it comes to money.

5. Topic Other Than Love and Physical Relationship

Couple discussing about the important topics other than love and physical relationship.

Life is very long, and if you have no topic to talk about other than love and physical relationships then within a month things will not work out the way you want.

If you cannot live with your partner without physical relations, then things will not work out in the future also.

The foundation of your relationship should not be the need/attraction for a physical relationship.

Talk about your career and upcoming opportunities as well as your growth as a family.

Plan your near future and also talk about 20-year plans and you both should have a clear vision.

New discussions and new learning will make your life more interesting and you will not feel bored.

On the other hand, talking about love and physical relations all the time will not bring the happiness in your married life that both of you want.

Life is very long and to live a happy life, apart from love, you should also talk to your partner about physical relationship.

6. New Skills and Career Growth

Couple discussing about the career growth and new skills so the can make their future better and secure.

People who focus on learning new skills and career development are happier than those who put their career development on hold.

After marriage, your main objective should be to move forward in your career so that you can fulfill your dreams together.

If you become financially strong then you can go out whenever you want and wherever you want, and you can enjoy with your partner.

Progress in life will give you ultimate satisfaction so never stop learning new skills and advance your career.

This should be a priority for both of you and remember that learning new skills and career growth is not just about finances but it also brings happiness to your life.

7. Importance of Money

Couple discussing about the importance of the money after love marriage.

Money is the most important part of both of your lives. We need money to buy everything we need, like good food, clothes, a house and all other essential items.

You are going to start a new life with each other and if your parents are against you then you will have to focus on your earnings.

There are many problems that you can solve with money so both of you have to be financially stable.

You should pay attention to your expenses and control yourself if your earnings are not more than 5 times of your expenses.

Write down all your expenses and understand how you can use your money better.

8. Expectation Vs. Reality

Couple discussion about the reality of life after love marriage vs how it looks like when they doesn't have idea about their responsibility.

Everything will change once you start living with your partner because a relationship comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Couples do not think about the essential tasks of daily life and many of them are not ready to take on those responsibilities.

Both of you need to be mentally strong enough to maintain a healthy relationship because the reality is much different than your expectations.

You cannot skip any responsibility because if you do it becomes your habit and gives rise to a lot of fights.

Discussions about daily life can help you understand reality and ensure that you are discussing everything that you need to do in daily life.


So, these are some of the most important discussion points that you need to discuss with your partner.

Both of you have to understand the reality of life and ensure that you are not just physically attracted to each other.

Physical relationships should not be the foundation of any relationship.

There should be discussion beyond physical relations because discussing physical relations will take you nowhere.

Discussing the above-mentioned points can help in making your married life stable and build trust between you.

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