The Life of an Average Indian Girl: A Comprehensive Overview

No one is openly discussing about the life of girls in India. Women have always been considered inferior to men.

Even today, despite being capable, women are still expected to do all the household work give birth to children, and take care of them.

Even today, most of the parents in India are not as happy with the birth of a girl as they are with the birth of a boy.

In India, celebrations are held on the birth of a boy.

On the other hand, on the birth of a girl, only that much is done so that no one in the society can directly tell the family that they are not at all happy with the birth of a girl.

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Indian Parents Perspective

Indian girl thinking why boys and girls aren't considered equally. Why girls are considered as liability and boys as assets.

In fact, Indian families see their children as an investment.

Now, because the boys will stay in the house even after marriage and they will also bring income to the house, and after marriage, the daughter-in-law comes and will do the household work, then there is benefit from all sides.

But on the other hand, girls are just liabilities, because as soon as they are born, the first thing to be taken care of is the marriage expenses.

Even if the girl becomes successful and starts earning money, she will get married and the income she is earning will also go away with her.

And if the girl starts working, the amount of help she provides in household work will also reduce.

I am not talking about village scenarios. It is happening around us on a daily basis. It has been happening everywhere in our country from decades.

Journey of Average Indian Girl’s Life

Overall, boys are considered good investments as they are giving expected returns, and in the case of girls, there is no return.

Now, to understand it more, let’s consider a family that has a girl and a boy (Meera and Narender).

1. Education

Indian girl is wondering why parents are waiting for her to complete her degree so that parents can marry her off as soon as possible.

It is very important that Narender should go to the best English medium school because one day he has to become successful.

He has to do work and has to earn money to take care of his family and fulfill his parent’s dreams.

Meera can go to the school if she wants. She has to miss her classes because she has to go to family functions with her mom.

If her mother is not feeling well, she has to miss school to take care of her mother as well as do all household work because her dad and brother have to go.

Meera’s studies are not important for other family members because one day she will get married and has to take care of her family and children.

Actually, Meera’s parents want her education only to the extent that her marriage does not stop due to the fact that she is less educated.

Nowadays everyone wants an educated wife and an educated daughter-in-law so that no one in the society says that the daughter-in-law is less educated or uneducated.

In fact, it is openly said that she will have to master all the household chores because she has to go to her in-law’s house, and one day she has to raise children.

2. Household Chores of Daily Life

The girl wonders why only girls have to do daily household work and why boys have the freedom to live their lives.

Narendra woke up in the morning, and he got his breakfast ready he is a boy so he won’t wash his dishes.

In fact, because he is a boy he won’t even make his bed, and it is not important that he should wake up early on holidays.

If it’s a holiday then he will go out for anything like cricket and can enjoy his day.

On the other side, Meera has to wake up early and help her mother with house hold work.

On holidays Meera has to wake up on time and has to do more household work because it’s holiday.

She has to make breakfast and wash dishes as well as has to make his bed also.

After all this stuff, she wants to take a rest and she turns on the watch TV.

3. TV Time – Limitations and Freedom

Indian girls wonder why they are not allowed to watch their favorite program or movie on TV and boys are free to watch anything they want.

Meera start to watch a popular TV program “Friends”.

When her mom sees that she is watching an English program her mom changes the TV channel.

As per our Indian society English program is not in our culture, and parents always worry that she will be exposed to sexual content.

Now, her mother changed the channel to watch the Indian drama serials and said to Meera “Once you get married do whatever you want.”

4. Enjoyment With Friends

The girl is very emotional as she is not able to enjoy with her friends and on the other hand her brother is free to go anywhere with his friends.

Narender can go for an outing with friends. Even he can go outside the state with friends.

Meera can not go just like that because according to Indian society, girls can not go on outings with their friends.

If there is an event and the family knows that if they don’t allow her for that event then their respect in society may decline. You all can understand this sentence.

Now she has to get permission weeks ago and still her plan is unconfirmed because if there is another family event that occurs at the same time then she can not go.

In case, everything is going well then she is only allowed for a limited time.

Narender has visited many places with friends and on the other side, Meera just visited some places with parents.

She is simply told that after her marriage, she can roam wherever she wants with her husband.

5. Shopping and What To Wear

Indian girl wondering why she can't wear clothes of her choice. Why does she need approval from others for everything in his life?

Narender can choose his clothes and can go shopping with friends.

On the other hand, Meera has to buy clothes with her mom or there is a restriction on her clothes choices.

She can not wear anything she wants, she needs approval for any kind of new dress.

If Meera likes to wear something and her parents do not like that dress, then Meera is clearly told that she can wear it in her in-laws’ house after marriage, but not here.

She is a good daughter only when she follows all instructions and she has to spend her life under the shadow of her parents because she can not make a decision for her about anything.

Her parents decide what kind of clothes she has to wear, how should she sit in front of others, her time to return home as well and her walking style also be noticed by her parents.

When she reaches 21-22 age then everyone starts worrying about her marriage, and everyone around her talks about her marriage and tells openly her parents “Marry her because there will be problems in her marriage when she gets older”.

6. Selection of Meera’s Life Partner

It is the most important part of her life, and no one cares what she wants in her life.

No one even asks whether she is ready for marriage or not. It doesn’t matter what kind of life partner she wants.

Now parents start spreading that their daughter is ready for marriage and tell us if any good boy is found for her.

Now, everyone is looking for a boy to have a stable life, have enough income, and good family.

If the boy’s family is stable enough to take care of Meera and they agree then it’s enough, Meera’s thoughts don’t matter on this major decision about her life.

Now Meera got married, and everyone in the in-laws’s house expected Meera to know everything and do all the household chores.

Now she just has to look pretty and has to be a good daughter-in-law and follow all the instructions their.

After some time everyone wanted a child in the house, and no one asked if she wanted a child at that time or not.

In the in-laws’s house, no one cares what she wants in her life and there is no need to take her approval on anything.

Now Meera has to take care of the child and has to do full household chores. Now Meera’s full-time duty is to raise the children and has to do all the household chores.

Her mother-in-law makes the rules and decides what she can wear and what she can watch on the TV.

Now all her parents and in-laws’ promises become fake because still she can’t do whatever she wants to do in her life.


Overall, girls don’t get exposure to most of the things in their lifespan because of their parents, and it all starts with them.

Because nowadays everyone wants an educated daughter-in-law.

That is why even today girls in India are mostly educated so that their education does not become a hindrance at the time of their marriage.

In fact, today the savings that girls make by doing jobs are used for their marriage.

Like boys, they are rarely motivated by their parents to do anything good in life.

Girls are simply told that when they get married, they should first take care of the household chores and children because everyone wants a perfect daughter-in-law who knows everything.

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