Top 10 Criminals In The World

Know each and everything about the top 10 criminals in the world, all these criminals are those who are known to public.

We live in a such society and place where along with good people there are some bad and miscreants because of which you do not feel safe in the society.

In today’s era it is being the number the number of criminals, is increasing, due to which today a person is not feeling safe anywhere in any particular place.

If we talk about women, then in today’s society, women are facing a lot of pain and atrocities, it has become difficult for women to leave their homes.

Not only women but every person who is living here are facing difficulties to live their life easily.

Day by day the number of miscreants, killers, dacoits is increasing which poses a huge threat to human life.

Every day you get to hear some news that today a minor was kidnapped and raped at that place, cases of exploitation are seen everywhere.

Due to all these cases, a kind of fear has arisen among the people that how to live their life peacefully.

Through this article you will be able to get information about those 10 criminals who are still in jail or have been killed in police encounters.

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10. Joseph Kony

Criminal Joseph Kony and police

Joseph is a resident of Uganda or brutal criminal of African Country and he is also known as the biggest enemy of children.

A case has been registered on his for kidnapping more than 3000 children, raping and many more crimes he did along with his group and at the age of 30, he formed his own army.

The army created by him kidnapped a large number of children in the year 1987 and included them in their army.

According to the report of an organization, it is known that he has 66 wives.

He is one of the notorious criminal of Africa and thousands of African soldiers are still trying to catch him.

He is the least dangerous in the list of top 10 criminals in the world.

9. Lawrence Bishnoi

Indian criminal Lawrence Bishnoi

Hundreds of cases of murder and extortion have been registered against Lawrence Bishnoi, he is one of the notorious criminals of India.

His army has become a headache for the Punjab, Haryana and Delhi government.

The government of all these states have deployed thousands of soldiers to catch his army.

Lawrence Bishnoi is currently lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

He is despite lodged in jail runs his gang from inside the jail. More than 500 miscreants are involved in his gang.

He was involved in the recent murder case of Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

Police suggested that Bishnoi’s gang was involved in the shooting. But at the time of shooting, he was in Tihar Jail.

8. Semion Mogilevich

Semion Mogilevich - most wanted of Russia.

He is a resident of Russia, he was arrested in 2008 on charges of Tax evasion but was released in the year 2009 due to the arguments of the lawyers.

A case of fraud of stock worth $150 billion dollars has been registered on him, due to which the US government had demanded to strengthen its army and make strict laws to catch him.

Also many illegal rights smuggling cases have been registered on him by Russia and US government.

He has been accused by the FBI of “weapon trafficking, contract murders, extortion, and drug trafficking on an international scale

 The FBI has included him in the list of top gangsters.

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7. Neeraj Bawana

Indian Criminal Neeraj Bawana

He is one of the most notorious gangsters of India, more than 100 cases of murder, kidnapping and extortion are registered against him, and he is the one of the top city gangster.

At present, he is lodged in Thar Jail in Delhi, but even after being in Jail he corporate his gang.

Until his arrest in 2015, Bawana was one of Delhi’s most wanted gangsters.

The fear of Neeraj Bawana gang is not only in Delhi but also in neighboring Haryana, Uttar Pardesh and Punjab.

The gang members are also associated with these sates, many serious crimes including murder, robbery, extortion are registered against Bawana.

Lawrence Bishnoi, the culprit of the recent murder of Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moose Wala, has been threatened by Neeraj Bawana that he will soon take revenge for the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala.

6. Joaquin Guzman

Mexico criminal Joaquin Guzman

Joaquin Guzman has been placed at number six in the list of top 10 criminals.

He’s from Mexico and runs a drug company, many cases have been registered on him in Mexico.

He has been arrested several times in the year 2017 for smuggling cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other drugs.

He has at least 100 murder cases registered against him.

After committing many crimes, he went and he hid in the hills of Mexico for a long time.

But during the time he was hiding in the hills of Mexico, he has also exploited many minor girls there.

He is considered the one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the world.

5. Durlabh Kashyap

Indian criminal Durlabh Kashyap

Several cases of hooliganism, assault and intimidation have been registered on him.

In the year 2018, he had done the work of spreading terrorism through one of his posts on the Facebook wall.

In October 2018, many miscreants of his gang were arrested and some of them were minor as well.

He applies tika on his forehead, kajal on his eyes and wear black clothes, for this reason he is often discussed on Facebook.

In this form of Durlabh Kashyap, the younger generation was greatly influenced.

In the year 2020, the opposing gang killed him with a knife.

This incident took place in front of a tea shop where the opposing gang and Durlabh Kashyap’s gang were present and due to some mutual differences.

There was a fight between these two sides in which Durlabh Kashyap was murdered by the opposing gang.

4. Dokka Umraov

Russina most wanted Dokka Umraov.

He is a resident of Russia and was born on 13 April 1964, he is also known as the Leader of the Caucasus Emirate.

In 2017, he was included in Forbes magazine’s most wanted list.

He is considered responsible for all the terrorist incidents in Russia in 2010, he is also believed to be the reason for the bombings in Mexico.

There was a time when it was said that anyone who given information about Dokka Umraov would be given a reward of 5 million dollars.

After killing thousands of people in Western Siberia, he was being named in the worlds most wanted.

In 2009, he killed several people in Moscow in collaboration with the assassins.

3. Manya Surve

Indian well educated criminal Manya Surve.

Manya is known as Mumbai’s underworld don, he was first well-educated gangster who entered the world of crime.

He graduated from Kirti College, Mumbai and was brought up in Mumbai, but he was not born in Mumbai.

When he had stepped into the world of crime, he had also included the people he studied with him in his gang.

Manya was brought into the world of crime by his step brother Bhargav Dada.

He is also known for his daredevilry and strategic planning.

In 1969, he along with Bhargav Dada had killed a person, he was sentenced to life but after the sentence he got worse instead of getting better.

In 1982 Manya was killed by the Maharashtra Police in an encounter at Wadala.

2. Pablo Escobar

Drug lord most want Colombian criminal Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar, who is a resident of Colombia, has been placed at number two in the list of top ten Criminals.

He is the biggest criminal in the world who is also known as the Drug Lord.

At the age of 20, a rich executive was kidnapped and demanded a ransom of $1lakh from his family.

He and his gang well-known for kidnapping.

And at the age of 26, after killing the drug mafia of Medellin, he entered in the drug business.

His method of crime was very different, his gang members used to ask directly from government officers whether bribe or death.

Those days, his men had killed hundreds of government officers and become rich by taking money from many officers.

He was killed in an encounter by the police in December 1993.

1. Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim was the Top number 1 criminal in the world.

He is a notorious smuggler who is a native of India.

In the early days, he joined the Baasu Dada gang and stepped into the world of crime.

On seeing this he became a big name in the world of crime, during this he met Chhota Rajan.

Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan together spread their businesses not only in India but also outside India, between Mumbai and Dubai their crimes started to speak.

When there was a bomb blast in Mumbai in 1993, both of them were separated and both left India.

After leaving India, Dawood went to Pakistan and from there he started plotting against India.

Dawood Ibrahim is wanted on charges including drug trafficking, extortion, targeted killing, terrorism, and murder.

He is at number one in top 10 criminals in the world as well as top criminals in India.


So, these are the most well known top 10 criminals in the world.

There are lots more criminals are in the world who are trying to destroy our happy world.

There is nothing like good terror as we seen in movies.

So, it is a request all of you please do not follow movies blindly.

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