Most Beautiful Countries In The World

Know about Most Beautiful Countries In The World and everyone should visit these beautiful countries.

With this list, we try to select a variety of countries, some tropical, some mountainous, and some truly unique.

We’ve also tried to choose countries from around the planet rather than just sticking to one continent.

Most Beautiful Countries:

Let’s know about most beautiful countries in the world.

1. New Zealand – Oceania

A beautiful view of New Zealand
New Zealand

The “New Zealand” is not strange to breathtaking landscapes with Towering Mountains, Turquoise Lakes, and more than 9000 miles of Wind-Swept Shores.

Just look out to a field of pink and purple lines on Lake Tekapo or Milford Sound in the mountain fjord,

where you can live out all your Lord of the Rings fantasies.

The splendor also extends below the surface to the way tomorrow Glowworm Caves.

Yes “New Zealand” also makes worms that look beautiful.

2. Venezuela – South America

A view of Venezuela country and it is one of the most beautiful country in the world.

Few Countries come close to “Venezuela” in terms of sheer raw beauty.

It has the world’s best waterfall for starters and the 3200 feet cascades of Angles Falls.

And seriously, it is 19th times taller than Niagara Falls.

These cascades located in the “Lush Kaname” national park are by far the country’s most popular attraction.

Mount Raymore also dazzles with vertical cliffs, stretching through the clouds.

The Archipelago of Los Roques has white sand beaches, mangrove swamps, spectacular reefs, and underwater life.

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3. Norway – Europe

A view of Norway having some resident living here.

“Norway” is the land of glaciers, mountains, the northern lights, and fjords.

The “UNESCO” listed “Geiranger fjords” and “Energy fjords”.

Southwestern “Norway” is among the most scenic anywhere in the world with steep rock walls and dense forests.

For something little more unique and daring of course, there is Trot Tonga and Hatanga fjords.

The protruding rock sits about 2300 feet above a lake and provides some of the most spectacular panoramic views anywhere in the country.

Don’t forget about the “Lofoten” islands sitting pretty off the country’s northwestern coast.

“Norway” is one of the most beautiful country in the world and everyone should visit it.

4. Chile – South America

Chile is of the most beautiful county in South America.

“Chile” occupies some of the most pristine landscapes on our planet.

The moon-like dunes of Vale De Luna. the swirling surfaces of the marvel caves, the gurgling geysers of El Tatio.

But when you think of “Chile” you mostly like to think of the Torres Del Paine.

The national park is like a microcosm of all things that make Patagonia such as a spectacular and beautiful place such as sky-high mountains, blue icebergs, and mythical lakes everywhere.

5. Nepal – Asia

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in Asia region because it has top 10 tallest mountains in the world.

In “Nepal” once in a lifetime, experience and breathtaking landscapes go hand in hand.

Nepal is home to eight of the top 10 tallest mountains in the world, including of course Mount Everest, which is the highest point on Earth.

The country is famous among hikers and adventure seekers.

The “Gokyo” lakes comprise the world height’s freshwater lake system where vibrant glacier-fed waters and surrounded by snowy peaks.

Chitwan national park is home to the rare population of Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger.

The Saga Martha national park is the best place to see the snow leopards and red pandas.

Must visit this most beautiful country in your life once.

6. Iceland – Europe

Iceland is a beautiful country just outside the artic circle.

The “Iceland” is situated just outside the arctic circle.

Iceland has emerged as one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations.

Travelers flock to the island by the millions to bear witness to some of the most awe-inspiring places anywhere that can be seen on our planet.

Everything From Towering Volcanoes to Gushing Waterfalls and expensive underground ice caves is beautiful.

Lake Jokal Saloon, the country’s deepest glacier, is famous for its floating blue icebergs and deposits of seals.

The black sand and basalt columns of the beach below in Vik are just begging to be photographed ready for your Instagram.

7. Seychelles – Africa

Seychelles is a heaven on earth because it is so much beautiful country.

The “Seychelles” is sometimes referred to as heaven on earth plus prince William and Case Middleton spent their honeymoon here in 2011.

So, if it’s good enough for the prince it’s good enough for us.

Aside from its celebrity status and super luxurious resorts, the nation’s ultimate draw is its natural beauty with crisp white beaches and untouched jungle ecosystems.

Infect, UNESCO listed Vale De Me so transcendentally beautiful, many locals believe it to be the true sight of the garden of Eden.

8. Switzerland – Europe

Switzerland is one of the top beautiful country in this world.

Tucked away in the alps “Switzerland” is easily one of the most beautiful countries in the world no matter where or when you are visiting.

Come here in winter, however, it becomes a winter wonderland with powdery ski slopes and frozen lakes.

For the best vantage point of the country’s natural beauty stay in the village of Zermatt.

A ski town is so ancient that people actually buy bottles of air from the surrounding mountains.

Not a fan of skiing? Its summer visit to “Switzerland” is always a good idea too.

Where lake Geneva’s picturesque banks and Zurich’s body that’s a natural swimming pool are waiting to host your next vacation.

Among all the most beautiful countries “Switzerland” is on top for its natural beautiful.

9. Philippines – Asia

Philippines country has 7000 beautiful islands.

There are more than 7000 islands in the “Philippines” and they easily number among the most beautiful anywhere in the world.

The Puerto Princess Subterranean river national park in Palawan encompasses mangrove forests are one of the most impressive cave systems and an underground river.

The chocolate hills of Bohol island consist of an estimated 1776 grass cover domes that are mysteriously uniform in shape.

The rice terraces across the country provide panoramic views of every shade of green imaginable.

The “Philippines” is at the very top of my bucket list.

For those who like islands should definitely visit this country among all the most beautiful countries.

10. Canada – North America

Canada is considered as one of the top beautiful country in the world.

“Canada” is the world’s second-biggest country has too much spectacular scenery to single out our favorite.

But if we had to pick we’d start with the remote Tongat mountain national park.

A stretch of land and mountains of polar bears, caribou, glaciers, and fjords you’ll never forget.

Truly all of the country’s 48 national parks are worth a visit from Alberta’s Serene Banff to Yukon’s Extreme clone.

“Canada” is the most Windows 10 wallpaper-worthy country anywhere in the world.


So, there we have to some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

All these are absolutely stunning naturally beautiful countries from around our fantastic planet.

Do you agree with this list? Of course, our world is full of beautiful countries.

Let us know where are from in the comment section below.

Are you from any of these countries? We’d love to hear what they actually like.

We have created a list of the most beautiful countries in the world.

With this list, we try to select a variety of countries, some tropical, some mountainous, and some truly unique.

We’ve also tried to choose countries from around the planet rather than just sticking to one continent.

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