Everything About The Gaming Psychology

The Gaming Psychology – Gaming has become a hobby for individuals of all ages.

As players advance through various levels or complete the goals, it provides an escape from reality and a sense of enhancing the performance of playing games.

We’ll explore gaming psychology in this blog and how it may affect players’ actions, emotions, and motives.

We’ll explore the psychological techniques that game developers use to create engaging and addictive games.

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The Psychology of Gaming

At its core, the study of gaming psychology is about how playing video games affects a player’s mind and behavior.

It covers a wide range of topics, such as cognitive, social, and emotional psychology.

The following are some crucial elements of gaming psychology:

1. Motivation

Video Games are designed to inspire players, and the challenge of completing the tasks or achieving a goal may be quite satisfying.

A sense of achievement, rivalry, and social interaction with other players all serve as motivators for players.

2. Emotion

Video Games have the power to invoke a variety of emotions, from joy and excitement to rage and frustration.

Players’ conduct and inclination to keep playing a game might be impacted by their emotional reaction to it.

3. Learning

Video Games are frequently designed to instruct players on new abilities or ideas.

Players gain experience through trial and error, and the feedback they receive from the game can help them enhance their performance and can help players to become better players.

4. Addiction

Gaming is a real thing that can have negative effects on a player’s physical and mental health.

When a game is taken away, withdrawal symptoms and compulsive behavior are common characteristics of addiction.

How Game Developers Use Psychology

Game designers use psychology to create compelling and addicting games and keep players coming back for more.

There are some of the key ways in which game developers do this, such as –

1. Reward System

Reward systems are often used in video games to encourage players to keep playing.

These rewards might come in the form of points, badges, or awards, providing people with a feeling of accomplishment and advancement.

2. Difficulty Level

Games are designed to be difficult but not impossible.

The difficulty level is carefully weighed by the developers to maintain player interest without leading to frustration and boredom.

3. Social Interaction

The social interaction between players is encouraged by many games.

Multiplayer options, leaderboards, or chat functions are some examples of this.

The benefits of social on players’ motivation and sense of community.

4. Narrative

Video games often have an engaging storyline that attracts players and keeps them playing.

The narrative gives the gameplay context and may cause an emotional outcome from players.

The Dark Side of Gaming Psychology

While playing video games can be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime, it also has a negative side.

For many gamers, gaming addiction is a real issue that can have serious effects on their physical and mental health.

Here are some negative impacts on gamers of gaming addiction:

1. Physical Health Problems

Sitting in front of a screen for extended periods can cause obesity, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, among other a range of physical health issues.

2. Mental Health Problems

A variety of mental health issues, such as sadness. Anxiety, and social isolation, can be caused by gaming addiction.

3. Academic and Work Performance

Gaming addiction can harm employment and academic performance.

Due to their gaming addiction, users could forget their obligation or miss deadlines.

4. Financial Problems

Financial difficulty may be caused by gaming addiction.

In-game purchases and subscriptions can cost players a lot of money, which can result in debt and unstable finance.

Games That Had Negative Impact on People

There are many games that have a negative effect on people.

People play those games and get used to them and then take the wrong steps.

We have shortlisted some such games, by playing which people became addicted to them and ended their lives by taking the wrong steps.


PUBG promotes suicidal thoughts, criminal behavior, and negative attitudes rather than developing intellectual capacity.

Due to the addiction to PUBG, there have been many such incidents across the world where many people have killed themselves. Some incidents are given below:-

Case – 1

A 20-year-old student from Lahore, Pakistan used to spend all his time playing PUBG as he got addicted to PUBG.

When his father scolded him for playing PUBG all the time, he got upset with his father.

He then went to his room and committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his room.

Case – 2

This incident is from Lucknow, India where a 16-year-old boy shot and killed his mother because his mother forbade him to play PUBG.

Case – 3

The parents of a 14-year-old boy refused to buy him a new phone for playing PUBG.

So the boy committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan.

Case – 4

A mother of an 18-year-old guy took his phone away so that her son could not play the PUBG game.

Her son got angry and killed himself by consuming poison.

2. Pokémon GO

Playing Pokémon GO can be risky for users, resulting in accidents and injuries while driving or walking.

In the Pokémon GO game players must track the virtual Pokémons and catch them in the real world by using GPS on their mobile.

Players might also unintentionally trespass on private property, approach dangerous regions, or come under the attention of thieves who utilize the game to seduce and rob unwary players.

Such incidents are given below –

Case – 1

A 28-year-old guy in Auburn, New York crashed into a tree while driving while distracted by Pokémon GO, putting him in danger of death.

It is risky and possibly fatal to play while driving.

Case – 2

Two Pokémon GO players in Encinitas, California, tumbled from a deteriorating seaside bluff.

While the other was found comatose, one survived a fall of 75 to 100 feet.

No game is worth putting one’s life in danger.

Case – 3

After catching a rare Pokémon named “Lapras”, a 60-year-old man died.

The young man was a patient with heart disease.

When he caught a rare Pokémon named Lapras, he became agitated and had a fatal heart attack that killed him.

Case – 4

A 26-year-old guy from Mumbai, India got into an accident while playing the Pokémon GO game in his car while driving.

3. Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is an online shooter game that promotes criminal thoughts in players.

Due to their addiction, some players take the wrong steps and lose their life.

Such incidents are given below –

Case – 1

This incident happened in Thiruvananthapuram, India where a first-year degree student named Anujith Anil committed suicide because he get addicted to this game and spend all his time playing game.

When his mother refused to give him money to recharge his mobile and spend money on in-game purchases, so he got angry and committed suicide.

Case – 2

When the Free Fire game was banned in India, a 14-year-old kid who lived in Mumbai, India committed suicide because of the addiction.

Case – 3

An 11-year-old kid named Suryansh from Madhya Pradesh India, used to play the Free Fire game on his grandfather’s mobile phone.

He continuously plays Free Fire which leads him to addiction.

Due to his addiction to the Free Fire game he committed suicide because his family members scolded him for playing the game all the time.

Case – 4

A boy from Hyderabad, India had become so addicted to the Free Fire game that he spent Rs 36 lakh to make in-game purchases which caused financial loss to his family.


In conclusion, gaming psychology is a fascinating subject of research with important implications for both gamers and game developers.

Players and game producers can make more educated choices about their gaming habits by comprehending the numerous facets of gaming psychology, such as motivation, emotion, learning, and addiction.

Even while playing video games can be a lucrative and enjoyable hobby, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential drawbacks of gaming addiction and to seek treatment if necessary.

A balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for all parties involved depends on the study of gaming psychology.

There are many other video games that have caused many deaths, mental sickness, and financial issues due to addiction, such as – League of Legends, Call of Duty, Farmville, World of Warcraft, DOTA, Halo, and World of Tank, etc.

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