How To Use Prega News

Do you want to know “How to use Prega News?” Here you’ve got the process to use the Prega News pregnancy test.

Are you upset?

Missed Periods?

Now it has to be confirmed whether pregnant or not but don’t know how to test? How to know immediately?

The doctor’s appointment is still late, that’s why you are getting more worried?

Don’t be upset.

There is a very easy way to do the test at home and find out whether you are pregnant or not.

The easy way to find out is with “Prega News.”

Prega News is a pregnancy testing kit, which is easily available for Rs.55 at every medical store.

Prega News is very easy to use.

And it gives you the result in just 5-6 minutes and you will know whether you are pregnant or not.

About Prega News Kit

This pregnancy kit comes in a small pouch as shown in the image.

Prega News kit front side
Prega News Kit Frontside
Prega News kit backside
Prega News Kit Backside

Instructions for using it are also written on its backside.

This pouch contains a test card, a dropper, and a silica gel packet.

The test card is the most important thing among all three because only by looking at the result of the test card, you will know whether you are pregnant or not.

Prega News test card
Prega News Test Card

The silica gel present in the packet is used to absorb the moisture.

How It Works

Basically, the urine test is done to check the increase in your HCG level.

Because, if you are pregnant then your HCG levels increase.

When HCG levels increase in your body, it also flows into your urine and that is why a urine test is done.

It is preferred because it is a very easy way to measure HCG levels.

If you go to the doctor, he or she will measure your HGC levels with your blood test. Which will also let you know how many weeks pregnant you are.

How To Use

C and T are written in the middle of the test card, as you can see in the image.

Prega News C and T lines on test card
How to use Prega News?

If there is a single line on C then you are not pregnant.

There are lines on both C and T then you are pregnant.

If a single line occurs at T then the test is invalid and you have to do this test again.

If there is no line, the kit is defective or has expired.

Early morning urine is preferable for the pregnancy test.

That’s why you keep your morning urine-filled in a container.

First, you have to put three drops of your urine in the sample well.

After this, you will see a pink-colored line moving on the result window.

This pink-colored line takes about 5 minutes to cover the result window completely.

Now, check your result according to the above discussion.


  • Don’t store pregnancy kits for too long.
  • Protect it from direct sunlight as well as humid place.
  • If you are unsure of the result then again later with a fresh kit.
  • Read all instructions on the kit carefully before use.


So with the help of this easy urine test, you can find out whether you are pregnant or not.

With the help of the Prega News pregnancy kit, you can know about your pregnancy at home.

You don’t need any other desi recipe to do it.

You can easily do your pregnancy test with the help of this Rs.55 pregnancy kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Are the results of this test absolutely accurate?

Ans: If you do this test within 7 days of missing a period, then this test gives you results with up to 99% accuracy. Do consult a doctor after this test.

Que 2: Is this pregnancy test to be done on an empty stomach?

Ans: Yes, you should do the test with a urine sample early in the morning to get the best results. You may not get as much accuracy with a full stomach.

Que 3: How much time is required to complete this test?

Ans: Prega News pregnancy test requires only 5-6 minutes to complete.

Que 4: What is the meaning of C and T in Prega News?

Ans: C represents “control line” whereas T represents “test line.” If you got only C line that means you’re not pregnant and if you got both T & C lines that means you’re pregnant. In case you only got T line, that means you need to do the test again with a fresh kit because the kit may be faulty.

Que 5: How much urine do I need to get the best results?

Ans: Generally, three drops from your morning urine is enough to get the best results. To obtain accurate results, gently pour three drops into the sample well of the test card.

Que 6: Is one Prega News test enough to get the best result?

Ans: You should do at least two tests at an interval of 3-4 days to confirm well.

Que 7: What is the cost of a Prega News Kit?

Ans: You can easily buy Prega News Kit for Rs.55 from your nearest medical store.

Que 8: What is the best time to do the Prega News pregnancy test?

Ans: You should take your pregnancy test in the morning with your first urine sample.

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