Which Is The Best Relationship In The World

Friendship is the best relationship in the world.

Guys, this article is dedicated to those who want to know which is the best relationship in the world?

To know some of more best relationships in the world, you have to read this article.

This world is full of different kinds of relationships.

Everyone in this world is in a relationship with someone.

We all have friends, family, employees, relatives, and many more relationships.

Every relationship is important for us and has a special roll in our life.

But do you know which is the best relationship in the world and why?

Let’s know about the best relationship in the world.

Friendship Is The Best Relationship In The World

Friendship is the best relationship in the world
Which Is The Best Relationship In The World

If you are asking me “which is the best relationship in the world?”

There is only one answer to this question, “friendship is the best relationship in the world.”

When two or more people get to like each other attitudes, and behavior and feel a special bond then they become friends.

They feel that their hearts get connected to each other and they feel they trust each other.

Generally, best friends can understand lots of things without saying a word.

Friendship is the only relationship where you can use “Best” before a relationship.

That’s why among all our friends we have some best friends.

Most of the relationships we inherit from childhood, like relatives and family, etc.

And before making some relationships we also need the thoughts of others, like life partners for marriage.

But there is neither any condition nor the requirement of anyone else’s views to make friends.

The greatest power of humans is that they can choose their own friends.

Sometimes it is hard to find true friends for a lifetime, but once you get it you will know the true meaning of friendship.

Today’s relationships are built by looking at money and luxuries.

Friendship is made even today by looking at the hearts. Money and elegance don’t matter in friendship.

There are lots of true stories written in books from ancient times and, lots of stories are available on the internet about friendship.

All these true stories tell that friendship is the best relationship in the world since ancient time.

Importance of Friendship in Our Life

Everyone needs someone in their life with whom they can share all their things.

Generally, friends are like-minded that’s why they like to enjoy each other and feel more comfortable.

A true friend will always encourage you to achieve more to become a successful person.

Remember that, those who have true friends are really blessed by gods.

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History of Friendship – True Friendship Stories

Yes, friendship is the best relationship on the world from ancient times.

Here we have some best ancient friendship stories for you.

Let’s go!!!

Krishna & Arjuna’s Friendship Story

Mahabharata is a famous mythological story depicting the close friendship of Arjuna and Shri Krishna.

If you do not already know about the story of this friendship, then let us tell you.

It is written in the Mahabharata that there was a very close friendship between Arjuna and Shri Krishna.

Arjuna was guided by Shri Krishna during the war.

Arjuna understood the wisdom of his friend Shri Krishna and learned how this war is in the interest of humanity.

Due to the unbreakable friendship of Arjuna and Krishna and the guidance of Krishna, Arjuna got the victory.

This true story tells us how a true friend helps you with every problem and inspires you to walk on a good path in life.

Krishna and Sudama’s Friendship Story

Let’s know about one more story of true friendship story.

This story is also about the true friendship of Shri Krishna.

This story is about the true friendship of Shri Krishna and his friend Sudama.

Which Krishna becomes the king but Sudama is a poor man.

Years later, when Sudama’s condition worsens, he turns to his friend Krishna for help.

Krishna embraces him on seeing him and welcomes him.

After staying with Krishna for a few days, Sudama asked him to go back home, but he did not tell Krishna about his state of poverty.

And Sudama leaves from there without saying anything.

But when Sudama came back to his home, he saw that his house is now a palace and that his family is living a good life.

Krishna had understood everything without saying anything to Sudama and he helped his friend to lead a happy life by eradicating poverty.

This story tells us that richness or poverty or any other condition does not matter in true friendship.

True friends never forget each other and always come in handy when needed.

Quotes : Friendship is The Best Relationship in The World

True friends are those whose hearts and minds are connected.

Real friends always be there for you while everyone making excuses.

Friendship is the best medicine for those who want to become happy in life.

As things get old, things become garbage, but as friendships get old, they become even more precious.

Some Other Best Relationships in the World

Of course, friendship is the best relationship in the world.

Friendship is the only relationship in which you can use best before the relationship.

But, some of the best blood relations are important to everyone.

Let’s know about all these relationship.

Mother & Child Relationship

Mother's and child relationship is the best relationship in the world
Mother’s is always best friend for us

A mother’s relationship with her child is a pure example of the best relationship.

The mother’s love is blind because mothers started loving us before seeing our faces.

Mother needs nothing in return if you did anything wrong with her then still she will love you.

You are always a hero to your mother, and she will always support you.

Mother is the first best friend for everyone because she is the first person who loves you, cares for you, and needs nothing in return.

Maybe you have your life partner but, still she can’t love you and cares for you like your mother.

Now promise me that you will never hurt your mother in your life and try to make her happy at any cost.

Father Relationship as a Friend

Father and child relationship
Father and Child relationship as Friendship

The Father is just like a hero for every family member because he has to protect all of us.

He is the strongest pillar of a family and you can not imagine his love for you.

Father doesn’t show you how much he is caring for you and loves you like a mother.

But truth is that sometimes his love is more caring than his mother but he did it secretly.

Father does not like to express his love and care but he is always a protecting shield for all family members.

He is one of the best friends forever for a child because he already has lots of memories with him.

Father also needs nothing in return to love and caring for you.

Father is like a god for us who gives wings to fly.

Sister is Also a Best Relationship

Sister is also best relationship in the world
Sister is also best relationship in the world

Yes, If you have sisters, then you are blessed by gods.

Because your sister always supports you even if you are facing the worst.

Just like your mother, your sister will always love you and care for you.

When there is no one with you, then your sister stands for you and that’s why a sister is the best friend.

If you are sad, then she can do anything to make you smile and that’s called sister’s love.

Why Brother is Best Relationship

Brother's relationship is also a best relationship in the world
Brother is also a best relationship in the world

Just like a sister, if you have a brother, then you are already blessed by god.

Brother’s love is just like father, they love you but they don’t express it.

Brother is the person who tries to minimize the burden on the family.

In fact, he sacrifices his dreams just to make everyone happy and to minimize the burden on dad.

Brother is considered the second strongest pillar in the family.

He is always a loyal best friend to you.


So, friendship is the best relationship in the world.

Having a good friend is like God is with you and you don’t need to be stressed if you are going through worse.

Friendship is the best relationship in this world because it is the only relationship in which you don’t need anyone’s else views.

Sometimes loyal friends are hard to find but once you get it, then be loyal to them.

Every relationship is important but true friendship has no comparison.

Always respect all relationships you have and maintain them forever.

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