Who Invented Exams? – Father of Exams

Who invented exams? Do you know about the history of exams?

Today, everyone has to go through exams.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a school student, a college student, or doing further studies.

In fact, at present, you need to give exams for job interviews also.

Who invented exams?

Sir Henry Fischel was the person who introduced exams in schools and colleges.

History – Who Invented Exams?

As we all know, life itself is like an exam for all of us.

It doesn’t matter how much old you are because almost all people fear the name of the exam.

So, have you ever thought that from where exams started first?

Do you know where was first exam conducted and when it was conducted?

If you don’t know about all those questions then you are in right place.

Here we are going to tell you everything about the exam and its history.

So, Let’s go!!!

Imperial Examination – History of First Exam

According to the historical figures, the first exam was conducted in China in 605 AD which is also known as the Imperial Examination.

This first exam was conducted by the Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty.

The first exam was done because the Emperor want highly intelligent people for the cabinet of ministers.

This imperial examination was done to check the intelligence of those people who are willing to become part of his cabinet.

If the candidate clears then he got the chance to be part of the government under the leadership of emperor Yang.

But, the imperial exam was stopped by Qing Dynasty around 1905.

Qing Dynasty is the last dynasty of China and it was active from 1644 to 1912 AD.

They stopped imperial examination because they want to take more control over China but unfortunately Qing Dynasty ends in 1912 AD.

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Who Invented Exams For Schools?

Earlier, there is no need to give examination because every student was automatically promoted in next standard.

An American businessman known as Henry Fischel introduced examination in schools for students.

Sir Henry Fischel introduced exams in late 19th century.

According to him, schools and universities should implement exams to check knowledge of students.

Yes, exams were only introduced to check the knowledge of students but today it become something else.

According to Henry Fischel, every student has its own capability to gain knowledge in a given time.

So, schools should start a eligibility test to promote the students in next standards.

And then its all started, still we are following the same trend.

Who Invented Exams In India?

Exams were introduced in India in the year 1853 by the parliament of England.

Before that, the civil servants were appointed by the East India company.

Later, the parliament of England abolish the older system and introduced exams to appoint civil servants.

Every year exams for civil servants were organized in London in which horse-riding test was compulsory to get qualified in the exam.

Later, examinations were also introduced in schools and universities following Henri Fischel’s norms.

How the concept of exam spread?

History says that England was the most powerful leader in the world when Henry Fischel invented the test.

England’s government continuously observed the talent and other activities going on in other countries.

When they got knowledge about exams then they started in England also to choose the best candidate for its government.

Later, England decided to spread this concept to their slave countries to identify talent.

At present we are following the same concept of exams to identify the talent.

But nowadays there are lots of examples that prove “exams can not truly identify the unique talent.”

In fact, some people say that exams are introduced by rich people to get the best quality slaves for them.

What are you thought on this? Comment below.

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Summary – Who Invented Exams?

So, now you know that the first exam was held in China which was known as Imperial Examination.

The concept of exams for student was introduced by an American businessman “Sir Henry Fischel.”

The concept of examination in India started in the year 1853.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who invented exams?

Ans. Sir Henry Fischel was the person who invented exams for schools and colleges.

Q2. When was the first exam conducted?

Ans. First exam was conducted in 605 AD in China which is known as Imperial Examination.

Q3. Who was the first person to conduct the Imperial Examination?

Ans. First exam was conducted by the Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty.

Q4. When exams were introduced in India?

Ans. Exams were introduced in India in the year 1853 by the parliament of England.

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