20 Strongest Characters of All Time [Latest]

The “20 Strongest Characters of All Time” is a list that showcases the most incredible and awe-inspiring fictional characters ever created.

Are you ready to meet the ultimate champions of strength and power?

From the Man of Steel himself, Superman, to the Saiyan warrior, Goku, these characters have left a lasting impression on popular culture.

With their superhuman strength, speed, and resilience, they have battled against all odds to save the world and defeat their enemies.

Whether you are a fan of comics, video games, or literature, this list is a must-see for anyone who appreciates raw power and unyielding determination.

So, join us on a journey to witness the most formidable and iconic characters ever imagined!

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1. God

God Shiva's Shivling

God! There’s nothing stronger than God.

The belief in an all-powerful God is common across many religions.

This belief is often tied to the concept of omnipotence, where God is seen as being all-knowing and able to control every aspect of the world.

This idea provides comfort and security, and can also give a sense of purpose and meaning.

Some people believe in God’s strength due to personal experiences, while others find philosophical arguments persuasive.

While there is no way to prove definitively whether God is the strongest being, the belief has played a significant role in human history and will likely continue to do so.

For all of us, God is the strongest among all the strongest characters.

2. Superman

The sign of the one of the most strongest characters Superman.

Superman, a beloved comic book character, was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938.

He is known for his superhuman strength, speed, and agility, as well as his ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet.

What makes Superman a true hero is his unwavering dedication to truth, justice, and the American way.

He uses his powers to protect the innocent and combat evil, even at great personal risk.

Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, is an essential part of his character, as a mild-mannered reporter who fights for justice.

Superman serves as a symbol of hope and strength for individuals worldwide, reminding us that we can always stand up for what is right, regardless of the obstacles.

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3. Goku

character Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Goku is the main character of the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z.

He hails from the Saiyan race and is known for his strength, courage, and determination to protect Earth from evil forces.

Despite his incredible abilities, Goku remains humble and is always willing to learn and improve his skills.

He constantly pushes himself to become stronger and is able to transform into a Super Saiyan, which has made him a legendary character beloved by millions.

Goku’s story is one of self-improvement, sacrifice, and the power of friendship, and it has inspired fans around the world.

4. Albus Dumbledore

Strongest character Albus Dumbledore with harrypotter.

Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter series, is a beloved character known for his wisdom, kindness, and powerful magic.

Do you know? Albus Dumbledore is considered to be the most powerful wizard among all the strong characters.

He has a complex and mysterious backstory, having grown up in a troubled family with a traumatized sister.

Throughout the series, he serves as a mentor and father figure to the protagonist, Harry Potter, and is fiercely loyal to his friends and allies.

Despite his reputation as a benevolent figure, Dumbledore is not without flaws, as he has made morally questionable decisions in his past.

Nevertheless, his legacy as a hero and role model continues to inspire fans worldwide.

5. Thor

Strongest God of Electricity Thor.

Thor is a popular superhero character in the Marvel Comics universe.

He is an Asgardian god who wields the hammer Mjolnir and possesses immense strength, agility, and endurance.

Throughout his comic book history, Thor has faced many adversaries, including his mischievous brother Loki and the powerful alien Thanos.

He has evolved as a character, moving from being an arrogant warrior to a more humble and selfless hero.

Thor is a relatable and compelling character who is always willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends and the universe.

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6. Captain Marvel

One of the Most Strongest Characters from Marvel Cinematic Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is a powerful superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, known for her incredible strength, speed, and energy projection abilities.

Her real name is Carol Danvers, and she gained her superhuman powers after being exposed to an alien device.

Despite facing discrimination and struggles with alcoholism, she always perseveres and stands up for what she believes in.

Captain Marvel has become a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by Brie Larson in the 2019 film “Captain Marvel.”

She is a symbol of strength and resilience, and an inspiration to many readers and viewers.

7. Thanos

Most powerful villain Thanos from Marvel cinematics.

Thanos is a formidable villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who first appeared in The Avengers in 2012.

He is determined to collect all six Infinity Stones, which he will use to eradicate half of all life in the universe.

With his incredible strength, intelligence, and control over the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos poses a significant threat to the heroes who oppose him.

Despite his villainous intentions, Thanos has a complex character with a tragic backstory and a unique perspective on the universe’s balance.

8. Hulk

One of the oldest and strongest character hulk from marvel cinematic.

The Hulk is a popular Marvel Comics character who made his debut in 1962, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist, transforms into the Hulk, a green-skinned monster with immense strength and durability after being exposed to gamma radiation.

The Hulk often battles powerful villains while trying to protect innocent people, and he struggles to control his transformations.

He has a reputation for his legendary strength and durability and has had several allies and enemies throughout his comic book history.

The Planet Hulk storyline, where the Hulk was banished and forced to participate in gladiatorial battles on an alien planet, is one of his most well-known story arcs.

In conclusion, the Hulk is a fascinating character with a rich background and an enduring legacy in the Marvel universe.

9. Wonder Woman

Most loved Marvel character Wonder Woman from Marvel cinematic.

Wonder Woman is a powerful superhero known for her fierce fighting skills, dedication to justice, and iconic Lasso of Truth.

She is one of the most powerful women among all the strong characters.

Hailing from the Amazonian island of Themyscira, she is a symbol of female empowerment.

As a member of the Justice League, she fights alongside other superheroes to protect the world from threats too big for any one hero to handle.

Her message of strength and courage has inspired generations, making her a beloved character to this day.

10. Spiderman

Most sarcastic and loved Spiderman from Marvel cinematic.

Spider-Man is a popular superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Peter Parker, a high school student, gains spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

He decides to use his powers for good and becomes a superhero, wearing his iconic red and blue suit with web-shooters.

Spider-Man fights crime in his city while juggling his personal life and using humor to outsmart his enemies.

He has faced many formidable villains over the years, including the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom.

Spider-Man has also teamed up with other Marvel superheroes, making him a beloved character in popular culture.

Spiderman is really become a popular character because of his movies as well as Spiderman games.

11. Saitama

Saitama is one of the Strongest anime character, he is popular as one punch man.

Saitama is the protagonist of the anime/manga One-Punch Man. He possesses incredible strength, able to defeat any foe with a single punch.

One day, he encountered a crab-like monster and decided to fight it.

After training hard for three years, Saitama became so powerful that he could defeat any enemy with just one punch.

Saitama’s personality is humble and unpretentious, as he is not interested in fame or wealth.

Despite his carefree behavior, he is introspective about his abilities and what it means to be a hero.

Though lonely, he cherishes relationships with his disciple Genos and C-class hero Mumen Rider.

12. Asura

Asura character from video game.

Asura’s Wrath is an action-packed video game that centers around the character of Asura, a powerful demigod seeking revenge against the gods who betrayed him.

Asura’s story is both tragic and compelling – he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit and banished to Earth, where he lost his powers and was forced to live a mortal life.

However, Asura discovers that his daughter is still alive and in the hands of the gods who wronged him, and he embarks on a mission to rescue her and exact revenge.

What makes Asura an interesting and attractive character are his unique abilities, emotional depth, and his journey of redemption.

Asura can channel his anger into power, transforming into a massive being capable of destruction.

Despite his immense power, Asura struggles with the loss of his family and the betrayal of his comrades, making him a complex and relatable character.

13. The Prince of All Cosmos

The Prince of All Cosmos from Katamari Damacy video game.

The Prince of All Cosmos is the beloved protagonist of the classic video game “Katamari Damacy.”

He is a small, green-skinned creature on a mission to restore the stars to the sky.

The player controls the Prince as he rolls up objects into a ball to create new stars.

The Prince’s charming appearance, enthusiastic personality, and the game’s theme of creativity and discovery make him a joy to play as.

His quest to restore the stars to the sky is a delightfully creative adventure that has made the game a cult classic.

14. Godzilla

Godzilla is one of the most strongest and powerful ancient character.

Godzilla is a renowned character that has captivated global audiences since its inception in 1954.

He is the most powerful ancient creature of all the strongest characters.

This giant, prehistoric creature has featured in various movies, TV shows, and comic books and is commonly known as the “King of the Monsters.”

Over the years, Godzilla has become a cultural icon, celebrated for its immense size, strength, and firepower.

Recent adaptations have portrayed Godzilla as a protector of humanity, defending the world against other monsters.

The character’s multi-faceted personality, which includes moments of anger, empathy, and strategic thinking, has appealed to audiences worldwide and inspired a devoted fan base.

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15. Odin

The father of Thor Odin is most powerful mythological character.

Odin, the Allfather, is one of the most fascinating characters in Norse mythology known for his wisdom, knowledge, and magical powers.

He is often depicted as an old, bearded man with one eye, having sacrificed the other for wisdom.

Odin is associated with ravens, with Huginn and Muninn, his two loyal birds who bring him news and information.

He is also a god of war and death, who chose warriors who died in battle to join him in Valhalla, where they would fight alongside him during Ragnarök.

Furthermore, Odin is a symbol of creativity, inspiration, and artistry, inspiring poets and artists to create great works of art.

It is no wonder that he continues to be a popular figure in popular culture, from comic books and movies to video games and music.

16. Kratos

The strongest character Kratos from God of War video game.

Kratos is the protagonist of the popular video game series “God of War.”

He is a Spartan warrior who seeks revenge against the Greek gods after they tricked him into killing his family.

Kratos is known for his incredible strength, fighting skills, and intense rage, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

However, he is also a complex and flawed character who experiences a range of emotions, including guilt and regret.

In the latest game, Kratos has undergone a transformation, moving into Norse mythology and becoming a grizzled father figure who must navigate a harsh world while dealing with his past.

Overall, Kratos is an iconic and enduring video game character who has captured the hearts of gamers around the world.

17. Shazam

A new superhero Shazam from DC cinematic.

Shazam is a character that has been around for over 80 years, capturing the hearts of comic book fans and moviegoers alike.

With his origin rooted in magic and mythology, he stands out from other superheroes in the DC universe.

Shazam’s alter ego is Billy Batson, a young boy granted incredible powers by a wizard named Shazam.

The name “Shazam” is an acronym for the six mythical figures that grant Billy his powers, each giving him a different aspect of his abilities.

Shazam’s youthful exuberance and sense of wonder make him a relatable and endearing character, and the 2019 movie, Shazam!, helped bring him to a wider audience.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the character, Shazam is a superhero worth getting to know.

18. Mario

One of the oldest and strongest video game character Mario.

Mario, the iconic video game character, is known for his impressive physical abilities, resilience, determination, versatility, and power-ups.

He is a skilled athlete, able to run, jump, swim, and fly with ease. Mario never gives up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

He adapts to any situation, and with his power-ups like the Fire Flower, he can defeat even the toughest enemies.

Mario represents the very best of video game culture, inspiring players to be their best selves and never give up on their dreams.

19. Doomsday

A villain from Doomsday comic.

Doomsday, a villain from DC Comics, is widely known for his extraordinary abilities and powers.

He possesses superhuman strength and is almost invulnerable, as he can withstand attacks that would normally defeat other characters.

Doomsday’s adaptability allows him to adjust to different forms of attack and environmental conditions, making him almost impossible to defeat.

Additionally, he can project energy blasts from his eyes, fists, or mouth, which can destroy entire planets.

Doomsday’s unique combination of powers and abilities make him one of the strongest and most feared villains in the superhero genre, and a formidable opponent for even the strongest heroes.

20. Ben 10

One of the most popular superhero Ben 10.

Ben 10 is a highly popular animated TV series that centers around a young boy named Ben Tennyson.

The show’s primary focus is on the Omnitrix, a device that allows Ben to transform into various alien creatures, each with its unique powers and abilities.

Ben’s versatility sets him apart from other superheroes, as he can transform into any of his alien forms, granting him an almost limitless range of powers.

He is not only a powerful alien, but also a smart and resourceful hero who can analyze situations quickly and come up with creative solutions to problems.

Furthermore, Ben’s resilience and determination never let him give up, no matter how tough the situation gets.

All of these qualities make Ben 10 one of the strongest characters in the animated universe, and an inspiration to millions of fans around the world.


From the all-powerful God to the iconic superhero Superman, and the determined Captain Marvel to the formidable villain Thanos, the world of fiction is filled with characters that embody strength and resilience.

Each of these 20 strongest characters of all time has left an indelible mark on popular culture, inspiring generations of fans to aspire to greatness, stand up for what is right, and always strive to be their best selves.

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